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Qwas  Dogs Colors

Qwas Dogs Colors

We are looking into adding colors to our dogs. This will be powder coating rather than anodizing that you get through my distributors.  Powder Coating is typically a plastic type dry paint that gets baked onto the dogs. Powder coating is very tough and won't just flake off.

Available colors are black, red, orange, blue, and green. All of these are considered high gloss.  There is a flat black available too.
In the picture below, the black dogs on the left are our traditional anodized dogs available through distributors. On the right is the glossy powder coat dog.

Black Qwas Dogs

Red Qwas Dogs

Orange Qwas Dogs

Blue Qwas Dogs

Bright  Green:
Bright Green Qwas Dogs

New for 2017 - New Green:
It is a darker shade and has tiny white speckles that you can't notice from more than a foot away.
This photo shows the old bright green on Qwas Dogs in the back and the new green in foreground.

new green color sample

Colored dogs are available on orders through Steve only, they are not available through the distributors.  Cost is $2 extra per pair.

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